Welcome to the weird fiction wikia! Edit

This is a brand new wikia for an age old genre of storytelling and general weirdness. It definitely could use some contributions, so all the help is appreciated. Please see the original pages as a guide on how to do so and please refrain from "trolling".

What is Weird fiction?Edit

From the weird fiction Wikipedia page: "Weird fiction is a subgenre of speculative fiction originating in the late 19th and early 20th century. It can be said to encompass the ghost story and other tales of the macabre. Weird fiction is distinguished from horror and fantasy in that it predates the niche marketing of genre fiction. Because genre or stylistic conventions had not been established, weird tales often blend the supernatural, mythical, and even scientific. British authors who have embraced this style have often published their work in mainstream literary magazines even after American pulp magazines became popular. Popular weird fiction writers included William Hope Hodgson, H. P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, Arthur Machen, M. R. James, and Clark Ashton Smith."

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